Modulating Globe Control Valves - Italvalvole

Italvalvole® Process Control Valve

These Control Valves can be linear or of equal percentage. There is an increase in the flow rate following the steady increase of the valve opening in the linear control for the entire stroke of the valve itself. Whereas with the equal percentage, the flow increases as a result of the increase of the valve opening and in proportion to the flow itself, thus obtaining the possibility of adjusting the minimum flow in the first part of the valve stroke and modulating those higher in the final part of the stroke.

Italvalvole® Control Valves are supplied normally closed NC (open air), or normally open NO (closed air). In any event, as the servomotor is reversible, it is possible to transform an NC Valve into a NO Valve and vice versa, thanks to the simple replacement of a few details.

Italvalvole® Control Valves can be Two-port or Three-port with the latter divided into Mixing Valves (blend two input fluids) and Diverter Valves (divert the fluid into two outputs). The most commonly used materials for the valve bodies are grey iron and ductile iron (GJL 250 and GJS 500), carbon steel (WCB) and stainless steel (CF8M).

All Italvalvole® Control Valves have been devised and designed so as to optimise the maximum flow rate and the Kv, and reduce the load losses as much as possible. They are installed in standard Process Industries, for example in the Dyeing Industry, the Textile Industry, in the Chemical Industry, in Thermoregulation Processes and in Food and Pharmaceutical applications. Oil & Gas Industries, Water, Paper & Pulp, HVAC, Heat Exchangers.