Manual Process Valves

Manual Valves

Wide selection of Manual Industrial Valves in all standard materials & Sizes, including Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Knifegate plus many more. Our Valves are backed up by a dedicated aftersales team, technical department, spares, Low prices and great discounts. 

Manual Valves are those valves that operate through a manual operator (such as a handwheel or handlever), which are primarily used to stop and start flow (block or on off valves), although some designs can be used for basic throttling.

Manual valves for on off applications are those that allow flow to move straight through the body, with a full-area closure element that presents little or no pressure drop. Usually if a manual valve is used to start and stop flow, as an on off valve, and the manual operator is placed in a midstroke position, partial flow is possible as a throttling valve