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RQ53 Motor

Our RQ53 Type Motor delivers torque up to 230 Kgcm (22.62NM) and operates at speeds from 4 hours per revolution to 1 revolution per minute through alternative gear arrangements. It can have an intergral or even separate capacitor, alternative bespoke output shafts, built-in limit switches to provide for pre-set angular rotation, also adjustable auxiliary switches can be fitted. A feedback potentiometer either 500 ohm or 1k can be built in for remote positional control.

General Specification - 'RQ53'

Speeds: 8 RPM down to 240 MPR

Torque Available: Upto to 230 Kg cm (22.62NM)

Electrical Supplies: 24, 110* or 200/250* volts AC 50/60 Hz *Available for tropical duty

Power Consumption: 15 to 17VA Standard motor, 30 to 34VA High Torque motor

Ambient Temp. Limits: 34F to 120F (1C to 49-51C) For tropical duty 24F to 160F (1C to 71C)

Feedback Potentiometer (optional) 500 ohm or 1K Single-turn

Output Shaft: Ground Stainless Steel

Limit Switch Accuracy: +/- 5 degrees of rotation on factory-set switches

Capacitor: Built-in: all motors or Separate: all motors

Lubricator: Shaft bearings: self lubricated sintered bronze. Gearbox: LM Grease. 

Weight: 3 - 5 KG

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