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RQR Motor

Simply Made To Last. For Over 65 Years These British Made Actuators Have Been used In Industrial Applications All Over The World

The medium duty 'RQR' motor delivers torque up to 104 Kg cm and operates at speeds from 60 minutes per revolution to 32 revolutions per minute through alternative gear arrangements. It can have an intergral or even separate capacitor, alternative bespoke output shafts, built-in limit switches to provide for pre-set angular rotation, also adjustable auxiliary switches can be fitted. A feedback potentiometer either 500 ohm or 1k can be built in for remote positional control.

General Specification - 'RQR'

Speeds: 32 RPM Down to 60 MPR

Torque Available: Up to 104Kg cm

Electrical Supplies: 24, 110* or 200/250* volts AC 50/60 Hz *Available for tropical duty.

Power Consumption: 15 to 17VA Standard motor, 30 to 34VA High Torque motor

Ambiant Temp. Limits: 34F to 120F (1C to 49-51C) For tropical duty: 34F to 160F (1C to 71C)

Feedback Potentiometer (optional): 500 ohm or 1K Single-Turn

Output Shaft: Ground Stainless Steel

Limit switch Accuracy: +/-5 degrees of rotation on factory-set switches

Capacitor: Built-in: all motors or separate: all motors

Lubricator: Shaft bearings: self lubricating sintered bronze, Gearbox LM Grease

Weight: 2 - 4 KG

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