RQR / RQ53 Motor - Zella

Zella RQR/RQ53 Motor

Formally Known as the Drayton Type RQ Motor, this unique range of small reversible powerful units have stood the test of time. rotation is controlled in numerous ways to meet widely differing design needs.

Key to Operating Modes:

1. Continuous rotation motor (reversible)

2. Limited rotation motor (reversible) (a) Fixed limits up to 315 degrees (b) Fixed limits up to 315 degrees plus up to 4 auxiliary switches all adjustable.

    (c) Fixed limits, between 316 & 720 degrees, (d) Adjustable limits up to 315 degrees, (e)  Adjustable limits between two & fourteen revolutions.

3. limited rotation, switched position motor (reversible), (a) Fixed limits between 10 & 160 degrees, one intermediate adjustable position. 

    (b) Fixed limits between 20 & 160 degrees two intermediate adjustable postions.


built within two basic types, the RQR and its larger brother the RQ53 carry out an impressive variety of Final Shaft Speeds and Torques.

All models offer a choice of operating voltage 24, 110 or 230V Ac.

  • Cast Aluminum Body
  • Metal Case Hardend Gears
  • Rugged & Reliable

The RQ Motor applications include, Industrial Ovens, Gas & Air Valves, Damper Control, Conveyor systems, Valve Actuation, Ship Bow Thruster Units, 

RQR Motor Cut Away

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